Fernandez Molina Obras y Servicios


Gran Via 43

MADRID | YEAR: 2021-2022 | SIZE: 280 ROOMS

  • The structural reinforcement project aims to undertake the necessary reinforcement works in the building as a result of the change of use, both in horizontal elements such as slabs and beams and in vertical elements such as pillars and walls, with their corresponding foundations. Those slabs and beams of the plants that experience the change of use and loads are reinforced, and all the pillars affected by it, including some that are in commercial premises that are not the object of this project.
  • In the General Plan of Urban Planning of Madrid (1997), the building appears as a listed building, located in the Historic Center, belonging to the Catalog of Protected Elements, with protection level 3 in Partial degree. The building is also included in the protection area of the Capitol Building of Cultural Interest, located on the adjacent plot.
  • The structural system of the building consists of a series of reinforced concrete porticoes, mainly transversal to the longitudinal axis of the building, load-bearing walls of brick factory, reinforced concrete beams and slabs of concrete joists on lost ceramic formwork.