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Eneres is a company of integral services for the energetic efficiency in buildings and urbanism, which is born with the purpose of giving solutions for the development of projects based on the energetic efficiency.

Eneres develops its own R+D+in activity in the field of devices for capturing energy from the environment and in equipment and systems that improve the energy tightness of buildings.

Eneres guarantees the energy saving in all its projects. It has technicians trained by the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) for:

  • Measure and verify energy and water savings in energy efficiency projects.
  • Financial risk management and operation of energy saving contracts.
  • Quantification of carbon emission reductions from energy efficiency projects.
  • Development of sustainable construction or improvement of the efficiency level of existing facilities through a precise and effective methodology of identification of water and energy savings.

SIA is the leading company in Spain in terms of the number of automatic parking spaces installed.

It relies on Wöhr Autoparksysteme GmbH, a German company of reference in mechanical parking lots, as its exclusive commercial and technological partner in Spain, developing with its technical office the projects for each location.


SMS is the leading company in mechanical parking system maintenance with more than 15 years of experience.

SMS renovates and maintains systems of different brands. SMS has part of the IPS team that has installed thousands of mechanical parking spaces. SMS has a large structure of its own highly qualified technical and human resources, avoiding the outsourcing of its services.

SMS performs Preventive, Corrective and Urgent maintenance services, assisting the installation in every incident. In addition, SMS is remotely connected to all the parking lots. The service is provided in the 24x7x365 mode.