Fernandez Molina Obras y Servicios




  • Integral reform of offices, elliptical staircase area and distributor corridor of the ground floor and renovation of all facilities.
  • Reform of finishes and coatings of the pavilion and pediment, replacement of LED luminaires and pediment networks.
  • Integral reform of the facilities, distribution and finishes of the annex building.
  • Waterproofing of exterior wall located on Pedro Moreno Street and gym terrace.
  • Waterproofing and replacement of polycarbonates of the roof of the pavilion and pediment.
  • Replacement of carpentry and interior and exterior glass, as well as sector of pavilion with carpentry and RF glass.
  • Cladding of all façade enclosures with thermal insulation on the inside.
  • Waterproofing of the flat roofs of the main building and annex building.
  • Integral renovation of the purification installation of the pool.
  • Renovation of finishes in vertical and horizontal walls of pediment, commissioning of curtains and pavilion baskets.
  • Integral reform of finishes of the gym and its facilities.
  • Updating and renovation of existing electricity installation of all buildings.
  • Renovation of finishes and facilities in the ticket office area.
  • Installation of acoustic screens and their structure and corresponding accesses, in various areas of the roof, to minimize emissions from existing equipment.