Fernandez Molina Obras y Servicios


Santa Engracia 65

MADRID | YEAR: 2022-2023 | SIZE: 3800 M², 28 PARKING SPACES

  • General restructuring of the current building by a building of 20 homes, commercial premises, swimming pool, parking and storage rooms maintaining the existing façade and the main staircase of the property as they are protected elements.
  • Execution of pile screens and micropiles to excavate two floors below ground where the facilities rooms, 20 storage rooms and the car lift with 28 parking spaces will be located.
  • The foundation is made with insulated footings and a foundation slab that supports the protected staircase of the building.
  • The structure of slabs and pillars is made of reinforced concrete.
  • The building will be equipped with a gym, common room, garden and communal pool.
  • The production of hot heating water and DHW will be carried out by individual aerothermal heat pumps located in each dwelling, as well as the installation of air conditioning. The distribution of water will be made by underfloor heating-refreshing. In addition there are one or two fan-coils per house to support the installation of air conditioning.
  • The homes will have a home automation system from where you can control the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, humidity and indoor air quality, natural and artificial lighting having control over curtains and blinds, in addition to the control of the video intercom.