Fernandez Molina Obras y Servicios


salón real de la casa de la panadería


  • Restoration of the baseboard of the room and the anteroom. Cleaning of the walls for a perfect fixation, eliminating the stitching and leveling the pieces with regrouping of formal decorative elements that formed an ornamental motif.
  • Creation of uniform cloths without the compartmentalization of the grids, recovering at the same time the dignity and quality of one of the best sets of Toledan tiles of the 17th century that we have in the city of Madrid.
  • Restoration of the paintings in the front room. Cleaning, consolidation and sitting of the color.
  • Thanks to a photographic document from 1948, together with the documentary contribution provided by the Villa Archive, the opening of the walls separating the two rooms was thought of, as it could be proved that there were some before. Coves were made in the walls and a report was requested from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, and it was decided to reconstruct the original space to recover the old spatial unity.