Fernandez Molina Obras y Servicios


Duque de Pastrana 5


  • It is a building with qualified use as a provision of collective services for teaching and research, both university and postgraduate.
  • The building has 2 vertical communication cores that connect the floors. One, more representative, at the east end, which plastically forms the building and links with the roof, and another, more functional, approximately centered on the prism of the building on its south façade.
  • In the semi-basement floor the reception of the building is developed, a multipurpose common space for exhibitions, events etc., the prototyping room, the auditorium-dining room-cafeteria, kitchen and a nucleus of toilets.
  • On the ground floor there is a pedestrian access from Mateo Inurria Street. It develops workspaces and meeting rooms, as well as voids on the lower floor in the reception area and assembly hall and a core of toilets.
  • On the first, second and attic floors, it is planned for use for meeting rooms, work rooms and classrooms, with flexible layout and their corresponding toilet cores. In addition, it has a perimeter terrace in the attic.
  • There are 2 floors below ground for garage, with 56 spaces for cars (10 electrified spaces), 6 for motorcycles, plus 2 parking areas for bicycles.
  • Reinforced concrete structural system, with foundation and containment by piles; The large spans are generated thanks to the use of post-tensioned slabs, slabs and reinforced concrete screens as pillars.
  • The communication stairs are projected in precast concrete, along with panoramic elevators.
  • Facades with concrete finish and prefabricated concrete panels, treated wood lattices, aluminum and glass slats. A metal casing is executed that wraps the building from the roof to the east axis of communication.
  • Electrical installations, lighting, telecommunications and air conditioning with integral home automation system. New transformation center.
  • Construction of large green and arboreal areas in the outdoor areas.