Fernandez Molina Obras y Servicios



MADRID | Año: 2021-2022 | Superficie: 1.800 m²

  • Refurbishment of the entire office building.
  • Partial restructuring works, structural repair, reconfiguration of vertical communication cores.
  • Modification of the level of the first floor slab, part of the basement and approximately half of the 4th floor slab in order to equalize them and make possible the adaptation to the accessibility and barrier suppression regulations by eliminating changes in level on these floors.
  • Modification of roof elements, including the installation of new finishes, new installations, acoustic protection panels and a pergola to improve energy efficiency through solar protection.
  • Replacement of the façade facing the public road, the façade facing the backyard and the façade facing the central courtyard to improve the energy efficiency and the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building, using curtain wall façade systems, ventilated façade and steel carpentry, and stone louvred decorations.
  • Adequacy of the facilities for the current needs of an office building. Improvement of the building’s energy efficiency, both by reducing its consumption and emissions.
  • New landscaping design in all courtyards at basement level.